Out of Our Darkness

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For the lonely
For the hurting
For the hungry and the lost
For the seeker
For the searcher
For the distant ones of God
For the thirsty
For the outcast
For the fearful, beaten down
For the waiting
For the watching
For the chosen ones of God

Together we declare

You lead us out of our darkness
Into your wonderful light
Once called sinners now are saints
A holy people for your praise
Crown of beauty for ashes
Unending joyful peace
You have seated us in glory
Clothed in garments of your praise

You have called us
You have named us
As the children of the king
You have washed us
You have clothed us
In the robes of royalty


Words and Music: Chris Moerman, Luke Woodhouse, Greg Cooper and Gavin Perkins
© 2018 Chris Moerman Music (ASCAP)/Luke Woodhouse/Rhinoceros Publishing/Gavin Perkins
CCLI no. 7104922